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Where dinosaurs rule the comics!
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Dino Lordz pg.62 by HronawmonsTamer

Wow! I'm willing to see more of this! The story still barely went anywhere and still i'm pretty curious to know what's gonna happen nex...

Foresight - I'm Not Your Hero - END by Edowaado

I'm not a brony, i used to be one but i'm not anymore, the show stopped bringing my attention after season 3 and i started unfollowing ...


Ángel Povedano
Artist | Student | Other
Skype account: speed.angelpovedano


Livestream channel…

Also, take a look at this awesome fanart!

style practice + gifts by PillowRabbit
Destined Flames - Self control by Toxodentrail
Happy Birthday SpeedComics! by MarkisComic


Destined Flames -Page 68- by SpeedComics
Destined Flames -Page 68-
Main cover:…
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2 cover:…
Previous page:
Next Page: -Next week (Already up in Tapastic!
Chapter 3: -Work in Progress-

Hey you, I just met you! And this is crazy! But here's my number, so call me maybe!

Sorry, I know that at this point that song is really old, but I still had to make that reference.
Also, sorry that the quality of this page looks so much worse, I made some experiments with it and they went terribly wrong, once chapter 2 is done I'll remake it so it looks better!

Also, speaking of references, points to anyone who can guess at least one of the comics in the shelve!... Uh, not deviantart points mind you, just imaginary points.

They're just as useful, anyway.
Cretaceous Survivor and Destined Flame on Tapastic by SpeedComics
Cretaceous Survivor and Destined Flame on Tapastic
Cretaceous Survivor link:…
Destined Flames link:
Please, tell me nobody noticed Destined Flames is missing the S in the title because I didn't have enough space...

OH! Hey guys! Got an anouncement to make! You can check up my comics on Tapastic now! Don't worry, I'm still going to be uploading them in Deviantart and Smackjeeves... BUT... A week after they're on Tapastic...
Why are they now being uploaded on Tapastic first? Well... You have add revenue to thank for that...

HEY!! Before anyone starts shouting the "Sell out" coments! Please remember that I've been doing these comics for free all this three years when I could've been focusing on a youtube channel that would've given me far more (Oh, Yeah... Sorry youtube followers...)

Money to me is not a primary focus and will never be, however, it is an incentive. Who knows, maybe even ends up helping the quality of the comics in some way, or even allows me to do some other cool stuff, you never know.

Anyway, keep in mind that it's still optional, you don't have to follow me on Tapastic if you don't want to, pages will keep up coming in here (And hell, probably with better quality too, since Tapastic only allows me to upload on Jpeg).

So there you have it, Would you like to read pages a week before? Go to Tapastic, you prefer sticking here like you've always been doing? Be my guest! Hell, you can do both, it's up to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading up to here, see you next time!

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I'm afraid I'm not really into shipping

(Not to mention I still haven't seen either show.)
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That's cool. ;) Just wanted it to be everybody's X-Mas gift. :XD:
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You honestly deserve my watch after I read your dinosaur Comic I had to because your comic is one of the few dinosaur comics so don't stress or rush take your time my friend.
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